What is Japanese play “pachinko”?

Pachinko started a small ball on the board where pins and wings were hit, and in Japan, it was more than 60 years ago in Japan.
This is a popular game that is popular among people.
You can enjoy playing more.
1 Awesome gimmicks and production
The pachinko gaming machine is an amusement machine built to the pin arrangement on the board, the movement of each part, the video, music flowing in the center and the fine parts.
2 From super reach
Aim for the big hit!
When entering a prize entry entrance, a reach demonstration may occur.
If “hit” comes out, you can get more balls too!
3 According to the number of balls
Exchange for luxury prizes
The more the number of balls, the higher the grade of the exchangeable prize!Prize are also different depending on the shop, so please check it!
Pachinko parlor in Japan
Number of people enjoying pachinko
Source:Public interest foundation corporation Japan Productivity Headquarters「Leisure white paper2017」、All Japan Game Cooperative Association「Actual condition survey result of Association member shop」

Pachinko history

It is said that the history of Japanese pachinko started from the “Corinthian game” of Taisho era or “Wall machine” which came to Japan in the 1920s.
Both are playing balls on the board. fascinated by that “fun” and a boom happens in Japan.And at that time the Japanese got an idea from the enjoyment of the game and made amusement table which strikes the steel ball which becomes the prototype of the present pachinko.

Many people involved for many years to play pachinko more pleasantly on the pachinko machine.The tempo dropped well and continued to hit the ball, and we developed the “Fever” game platform where a large number of balls will come out if the numbers on the board are aligned.After that, it became a pachinko machine of the present form.

From 60 years ago to the present, the pachinko that is familiar to Japanese people and continues to attract Japanese people. Please try it by all means.

Wall machine
Masamura Gauge
Continuous firing All 20
CR machine

Explanation of pachinko board

  1. Ball renting machine

    A machine for renting pachinko balls.you are invest money and borrow pachinko balls.

  2. Upper plate

    plate to put in hit ball.When there are no balls in the upper plate, transfer it from the lower plate.Or rent it again from the ball renting machine.

  3. Bottom plate

    plate to store the ball which entered the winning opening and returned.When the balls can not fit, move the ball to the box by operating the lever.

  4. Handle

    A handle to hit a ball.Adjust the strength of turning the handle and striking the ball so that it will fit well into the winning opening.

  5. Winning opening

    When a ball enters the winning opening, the ball returns.There are mouths other than the entrance hall, the number of balls coming back will change according to the type of mouth.

  6. LCD Screen

    The reach effect will be displayed.There are times when you touch the screen.Please do not miss it.

How to play pachinko

1.Choose pachinko
2.Borrowing a pachinko ball
3.Put out ball on the top plate
4.Turn handles to play


1 ball 4 yen
pachinko machine


Even without a big hit, you can play for about 3 minutes at 1,000 yen.
Price for those who are used to it.

1 ball 1 yen
pachinko machine


Even without a big hit, you can play for about 10 minutes at 1,000 yen.Reliable charge for beginners!
Please feel free to play

Ask the staff when in trouble

Please push the call button. The staff will respond.

When you finish playing

Please call the staff by pressing the call button. The staff will issue a receipt stating the number of balls.

You can exchange for prizes according to the number of balls!

We offer a wide variety of prizes such as a little sweets, clothes, electric appliances, accessories and so on!
We will issue a receipt stating the number of balls from the staff.Please bring the receipt to the front desk.
※ Please note that the exchange receipt is valid only on that day.

Introduction of pachinko machine

ぱちんこ戦国コレクション 小悪魔99
真・北斗無双 Re:319ver.
大工の源さん 超韋駄天BLACK
パチスロ エヴァンゲリオン ~魂の共鳴~


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Going to the store to go out to play

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